Blood Wedding

1) Based on Mother's lines, do you think the wedding will go well? Give examples of dialogue and images in the first act to back up your assertions. What do you think will happen?

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2) The lullaby sung in Act one, Scene two is not typical of one that would be sung to a child. why might the Wife and Mother-in-law sing this lullaby? What is implied? What might the horse represent? Is this child destined to a happy life?

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1) Much has been made by critics of the fact that Leonardo is the only character in the play who is given a proper name by Garcia Lorca. All the other characters are described by their role, with a generic title like the "Wife". In your opinion, why is Leonardo named, and not any other? Could he be described as "leonine?"

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2) Drawing upon your knowlege of and experience with weddings, are old boyfriends or girlfriends usually invited? If yes, how should they behave? Is the invitation of Leonardo to the wedding an invitation for trouble? How does Leonardo behave? Give examples, leading up to his departure with the Bride, of reasons that something is amiss at the wedding.


1) A tragedy has action that is predestined. The hero attempts to escape a fate, but actually behaves in such a manner that he ends up fulfilling the tragic destiny. Considering this critera, is BLOOD WEDDING a typical tragedy? Explain.

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2) Garcia Lorca uses many metaphors in this play. The character of the Moon is a particularly good example. For what is the Moon a metaphor in this play? Can it be a metaphor for more than one idea or concept? Give examples from the Moon's lines in ACT III, SCENE 1.